Sophie, so very many thanks  for guiding me through the Past Life Therapy session.  When you had told me that in this modality “you heal yourself”,  I couldn’t imagine how this could be.  I’d been imagining all sorts of scenarios, however my experience was vastly different.  I have tried many avenues of healing over the years, and intuitively (I realise now), was so very ready for this healing.  I knew I just had to be there.  The Past Life Therapy was the culmination of all the other modalities I have ever tried.  It was life-changing on such a profound level,  and I sense  I am nowhere near the end of those changes.  I have been freed from so much. 
    From the beginning I felt safe and secure with Sophie, I trusted her.  And through her intuition she guided me to a state of peace that I had never believed possible.  Sophie,” thank you” doesn't seem enough to say for how you have enabled me to move forward.   It was an exhilarating experience.  Again – thank you, with love!
    Elizabeth N - Sydney
    What a beautiful person you are, Sophie! Thank you so much for sharing with me your Divine connection and helping me heal my body, mind and soul. After the ThetaHealing session I felt much lighter, healthier and…happy!  I really appreciate you were focused in healing all of me, and took all the time needed for my session. I also enjoyed the Past Life Therapy you guided.  It helped me see more clearly what my life purpose is and where I am heading, after knowing where I came from!  I feel privileged of meeting such a great healer, caring soul and encouraging person! Thank you from my heart!
    Claudia S - Sydney

    I have been blessed to have the opportunity of meeting Sophie and having Theta healing, Angelic reiki, Tarot and Angel card readings with Sophie. Her gentle angelic spirit has helped me tremendously with both my physical ailments and life direction. She is thorough, never rushes and devotes herself completely to your needs. Sophie's love and support is truly angelic and with her expertize in all these healing modalities you come away feeling so uplifted, energized and looking forward to the future. I highly recomend this beautiful Angel who touches your soul and heals your heart and body.
    Blessings, Robyn C - Sydney

    For anyone thinking about having a healing or reading with Sophie...what can I say?  I thoroughly recommend you do it.   Sophie is the most heart centred, loving lady who because of this has a pure connection with the Divine energy, giving her a special gift.  A gift that offers you accurate information and healing...perfect!!!  My own experiences with Sophie have been powerful and life changing.  I am blessed to know Sophie and know you will have a wonderful experience too.  
    Infinite Love,  xxx
    Veronica - Nowra 

    Thank you Sophie...my 'Theta Healing' sessions I've had with you have helped me change my life.  After trying many different avenues over the years to keep myself on track with the business of family life and getting through life in general,  different medications (not now though) doctors' etc.  I can finally say I'm in charge of me, not my thoughts.  I am so comfortable with where I am and the future is looking good and my family see the noteable difference in me. Uncluttered thoughts, physically feeling clean on the inside and focused on the now.  Many, many thanks.
    SH - Nowra
    I recently had a healing with the Angel Sophie Prior whilst she was in my hometown at a Spirit Fest.  From the moment I met Sophie, I knew that both her and her healings would be from the Higher Realm.  Sophie has the look and the touch of an Angel.  The healing was incredible.  I have only had this experience from two other healers whom had done work on me and Sophie is as Highly regarded by myself as the other two healers are.  My husband also received a healing from Sophie and was amazed that Sophie had taken his pain away from his knees where others hadn't.  He is still pain free to this day.  If you believe that Angels do not exist or that Healers are frauds, then after your healing with this amazing Angel - Sophie, you WILL change your mind.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Sophie Prior and The Theta Way healing to all....Greatest experience EVER.  Thank you Angel Sophie. 
    PC - Leeton
    I have struggled with heart burn and anxiety for many years.  After an incredibly healing session with Sophie, it totally disappeared.  Sophie has also helped my daughter with a skin condition and my husband with anxiety and a painful shoulder.  I have referred many people to Sophie and all the feedback has been so positive.  Sophie comes with my highest recommendation.
    SC - Canberra
    When meeting Sophie, you instantly feel her healing energy.  Sophie is a wonderful soul and used everything in her power to help free my Struggles.  I have suffered with ear and sinus problems ever since I was a young child, only to discover with a healing session with Sophie where the root of the cause of the problem was coming from.  Each person has different experiences and struggles throughout our lives and we may not realise that certain past experiences can scar us without us knowing.  Sophie uses her gift in order to remove what is unwanted and free us to feel and be the person we really are inside and out.
    MB - Leeton
    Sophie is truly inspiring.  For many years I had a serious issue whereby I would react in an incredibly negative way towards myself when I encountered particular situations.  I experienced a radical change in my thought process after one session with Sophie; after encountering a situation that previously had brought on strong negative emotions I found myself unable to feel and react how I used to, it was like I had forgotten how to react in my previously negative way.  Those negative emotions had been replaced with positive, powerful and uplifting thoughts, profoundly changing my outlook on life.  Sophie really changed my life.
    BB - Sydney
    Since our first session I felt you were someone I could completely trust and open my heart to. You made me feel comfortable and at ease.  I have always felt hard to express my true feelings to others and lacked self confidence. The shifts I feel when we have sessions are extraordinary. You help me see myself under a different perspective and  always make me feel special and more empowered. I feel as if I have been born again. My life now makes a lot more of sense, I am accomplishing my goals and definitely happier. Your healing work is just amazing. You bring light and joy to people’s lives.
    You are a devoted and compassionate healer and your psychic abilities are incredible. 
    I feel privileged in being your client.  Thank you so much for your healing work, help, love and care.
    Maria - Sydney
    Sophie is truly a powerhouse Theta Healer! After a recent healing session with Sophie I am feeling absolutely fantastic, full of energy and better than I have ever felt before. Sophie was able to get straight to the core of the issue and change it instantly more than any other session I have had. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a very fun healing session that results in a truly wonderful and highly effective healing.
    Nathalie L. (Theta Healing Practitioner) - Sydney
    Thanks, Sophie, for the Theta Healing. You were spot on!  I can see things more clearly now and have more clarity around my situation, and I feel more positive, calmer and more at peace.  Thanks again! 
    Jenny - Sydney
    For over 10 years I suffered from acid reflux and had to take medication every day; to miss a day would cause me to suffer severe discomfort and sometimes pain.  After two sessions with Sophie she removed the underlying belief system causing the acid reflux. 
    There is no need to take the medication any more as the acid reflux is no longer a problem! 
    NP - Sydney 

    Thank you so much for the beautiful session I had with you. The session you facilitate was so powerful and really wonderful. I was helped to understand and get the realization about what hold my life up from moving on with this life journey. What you got from your intuition about my ‘stuffs’ were just what they were! I feel so much relief, at ease and lighter! And most importantly, joy and peace deep within my heart!  I am so lucky to have met you.

    Jenny L - Sydney


    Throughout my career I have struggled with knowing my worth and dealing with confrontation in the workplace. I did not know how to change my own perception of myself. Since my session with Sophie, I have found myself being fearless and confident to work through whatever new challenges I am faced with. Sophie has helped me to have a better understanding of myself and realise my true value and everything I am capable of being. I can now deal with difficult situations perceptively and stress free. Thank you so very much Sophie for helping me break through this barrier I have been building over the years. I am thriving and will be always grateful.
    KF - Sydney
    I am currently serving National Service, and like many, I've had difficulties during training. For myself it was anger, everything from the situation to treatment added to a constant anger.  However, after working with and receiving help from Sophie, I found all of my anger slip away and now I find myself calm, happy and slower to come to anger. Without the help from Sophie, I wouldn't have been able to get myself out of the quagmire that was my anger.
    AC - Singapore
    I'm quite a positive person.  But, as a mother of two teenage kids I do have my days of unnecessary worrying, which of course causes anxiety feelings too.  I did a few sessions with Sophie and I'm happy to say that I'm more aware of my belief system and I have learnt that even if I do have my worries, I will acknowledge it but also send it to the light.  This has helped me tremendously and I feel that a weight has been lifted off my chest too.  Thank you Sophie for spending all those hours with me.  
    MG - Taiwan
    I have a very stressful job and the stress has been affecting my health and in this instance, I have been experiencing some minor indigestion.  I did not relate the two.  But, after my session with Sophie I realized that my health problems was related to the stress I was feeling.  It's been a couple of months since my session with Sophie and I've learnt to change the way I handle my job pressure.  Thank you for helping me eleviate my stress level and I have not noticed any discomfort in my digestive system a while now. 
    RC - Singapore