Ever wondered…
  • Why you can't seem to heal or clear difficult or niggly health/body issues and you have tried everything else?
  • Why you feel so connected to some of your family members and why others push your buttons?
  • Why you feel or react the way that you do in certain situations in your current life?
  • Why you feel unfulfilled in your career and feel a block in your creative expression or passion for life?
  • Why you continually self sabotage, stay stuck, hold back, or resist moving forward in your current life in certain areas?
  • Why you attract the same recurring issue, people, pattern or problems to your life and health?
  • Why you have particular fears, phobias, dreams or desires?
...Past Life Therapy could be your missing puzzle piece.
Sophie has been trained as Past Life Therapy Facilitator at the Toni Reilly Institute, Australia’s premier training centre for modern spiritual development.

About Past Life Therapy

Past life therapy is the act of accessing the subconscious or higher self through a facilitated meditative state, guided rather than suggested by the therapist.  The subconscious records and files all our soul memories.  It is one part of us that is present though each of our incarnations.Our bodies come and go.  Our bodies are temporary but our soul is constant.  Our soul is the very reason why we reincarnate.  We come to Earth to learn lessons which advance our soul growth and development.
Understanding that you choose your life, helps you to explore and identify what you have learned from each past life experience.  It teaches you to see yourself not as a victim but as a volunteer, willingly learning lessons to better understand yourself and others.
Past life Therapy is the pathway to access yourself and, in turn, to understand yourself.
Many psychics are gifted at seeing other people’s past lives and can pass on what they are shown.  However, simply being told what has happened in a past life has limited therapeutic value.
I believe that it is better if the person views the lifetime event on their own, feels the emotion attached to it and is told by their higher self what the particular message or lesson is.
When the person re-experiences a situation it is far more effective in eliminating any blockage than just being told about it by someone.  In this way, you are taking responsibility for yourself.  It opens up a pathway to truly understanding who you are and why you are here.
Past Life Therapy can help you to change your life, realise your self-worth and empower you by understanding yourself and others.  You can release blocks and patterns of behaviour which may be stopping you from moving forward and leading a happy and fulfilling life or you may embrace talents which you have previously had.

Frequently Asked Past Life Therapy Questions

What is Past Life Therapy?

Past Life Therapy works by accessing your subconscious (higher self) which records your past life and soul memories.  It knows everything you have experienced in the many lives you have lead as well as your between life stages and all that information is available for you to see.  This is achieved by being in a relaxed meditative state when the mind can slow down from our day to day thinking, allowing you to see, feel and learn from your past lives. 
During a Past Life Therapy session, you may go to your current life or back to a past life or even between lives. You may go to more than one life in a session.  You will be guided to view significant events in your lives or will gather information to facilitate a healing for you. 
It is possible that during the session you have a spiritual experience.  Sometimes this means a guide or passed over loved one comes and talks to you.  I can not guarantee this happening but we certainly can ask for this to happen.  We always go with what you are given as your higher self (subconscious) knows what you will benefit from seeing, hearing or learning.

Why access your past lives?

Experiencing a past life memory can bring clarity to current behaviours, patterns in relationships or relieve physical symptoms which conventional medicine has not been able to help with.

Where can it be done?

Sessions can be conducted in person or through Skype, from the comfort of your own home.  If you are doing a Skype consultation, ensure that you have a quiet space and will not be disturbed during the session.  It is preferable to be sitting up right on a comfortable couch or chair, rather than lying down (this reduces chance of you falling asleep).
To enquire about a Past Life Therapy session click here, or email Sophie: sophie@thethetaway.com - please include your name and phone number and we will contact you.
Once an appointment has been confirmed, online payment can be made here: Consultations
How to prepare for a Past Life Therapy session
It is ideal to come with no expectations and an open mind.  There is nothing to worry about, you will be safe.  Whatever your lives have been you will have residue memories affecting you in your current life.  There is no telling which period in time you will go to, conditions of your life, or if you will be male or female.  By viewing significant events and making the connection to behaviours and emotions which affect you now, you will understand your life today allowing you to let go, release blocks or embrace talents and move forward.
** Please note:  In the unlikely event you are unable to achieve the meditative state required to access past lives (0.05% of people do not during their first time), the full fee will still apply.  The time will be utilised for spiritual healing, guidance and mentoring.  We can discuss together relaxation and meditation techniques to allow yourself to be ready for the next time and I suggest you come back within 1-2 weeks.

Who can it help?

Anyone with an open mind wishing to understand the following types of issues:
  • love and relationships
  • anxiety and depression
  • phobias and fears
  • guilt and shame
  • recurring dreams
  • eating disorders
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • unexplained pain and health issues
  • assertiveness

What happens during a Past Life Therapy session?

Allow 60 minutes for your session.  The facilitator will explain the process to you and discuss what you would like to deal with.  You will make yourself comfortable and be guided into a relaxed state similar to before you fall asleep or just before you are fully awake in the morning.  You are not asleep, you will always be aware of your surroundings and you could open your eyes at any time.  Being in this relaxed state allows you to access your subconscious mind, where your past life memories are stored.  You will interact throughout the session as the facilitator guides you through your lifetime(s) seeking significant events.  You will be relaying back to the facilitator what you are seeing and feeling.  You will be gently guided to view and sense significant events in your lives and you usually gather information to enable a healing for yourself, if required.
Your session can be recorded and emailed to you.