• ThetaHealing Basic DNA - In only 3 life changing days become a ThetaHealing Practitioner or apply it for your own personal empowerment!
 See what people have been saying about The Theta Way's ThetaHealing Basic DNA Course:
  • The course came at the perfect time for me. My beliefs have changed and I am more confident with myself. Thank you Sophie for an easy to understand and enjoyable 3 days.  AW – Canberra
  • Sophie teaches in a happy and respectful way. It was very professionally run. I am leaving this course with the belief that I have been taught and have learnt the basic course in Theta.  NT - Canberra
  • I would highly recommend Sophie’s ThetaHealing Basic DNA course. I feel more capable, more aware, more intuitive, more effective and divinely supported. Sophie is a delightful and inspiring facilitator.  AB - Canberra
  • ThetaHealing is one of the most powerful healing modalities I have experienced which is enhanced by the beautiful and amazing Sophie. Thank you Sophie for sharing this amazing gift with us all.  SuC - Canberra
  • ThetaHealing Basic DNA with Sophie Prior was amazing. She is a really effective facilitator. She made it easy to understand and enjoyable. I look forward to continuing my Theta journey with Sophie.  SaC – Canberra
  • I feel I have a higher perspective to life. ThetaHealing is a great tool to use in every day-to-day life. It is working as healer or medium/psychic to every day-to-day activities it’s a more fulfilling way of life.  SM - Canberra
  • Sophie is an amazing teacher.  From feeling like I was observing the course from the outside, Sophie drew me in with her awesome teaching manner until I was fully embracing and enjoying the course, without really knowing it!  Sophie had me engaged and interested from start to finish - something I had never experienced in a course before!  NP - Sydney

ThetaHealing Advanced DNA will enhance and accelerate your understanding of ThetaHealing. Take the next step and expand your knowledge of the most effective, instantaneous and dynamic personal development technique available in the world today.

You will learn to bring about amazing shifts in consciousness on every level of your being. The Advanced course was designed by Vianna Stibal to foster greater spiritual enlightenment by facilitating and teaching people to experience the highest spiritual plane of existence where you connect to the pure divine energy.

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