About ThetaHealing

ThetaHealing was founded by Vianna Stibal, in 1995.  Through achieving a Theta state she was able to instantly heal herself of cancer that had resulted in a tumour in her leg.  She has since gone on to refine the technique as a therapeutic self-help guide to develop the ability to change on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually using the unconditional love of the Creator of All That Is.

What is ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing is a powerful healing technique that focuses on thought and prayer, essentially though, it is applied quantum physics.  Using a theta brain wave , which until now was believed to be accessible only in deep sleep or yogi-level meditation, the practitioner is able to connect to the energy of the Creator, to identify issues, witness healings to the physical body and to identify and change limiting belief systems.

ThetaHealing works at 4 levels:
  1. Core belief level – what we are taught and accept as a child and through life is what we become and forms the basis of our personality.
  2. Genetic (or DNA) level – programmes are inherited from our ancestors or added to our genes.  These beliefs are energies stored in the physical DNA.
  3. History level – these are beliefs and experiences carried over from past lives, the history of our race and also collective consciousnesses.
  4. Soul level – this is who we are; what we are.  In other words the “all” that we are.
Growing scientific evidence shows that toxic emotions can contribute to disease and that emotions, feelings and the power of thought can have a direct bearing upon a persons physical health.  ThetaHealing allows the mind to influence the body to create optimum health.

Who can it help?

Any person with issues that genuinely wants to reinvent and rediscover themselves.


  • Deep emotional issues, including trauma from abuse
  • Physical pain, problems and illnesses
  • Fears and phobias
  • Subconscious blocks and obstacles
  • Bad habits
  • Negative feelings


  • Lose weight
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Attract a compatible, loving soul-mate
  • Create wealth and abundance with career and finances
  • Overall health and well being
  • Relationships

How does it work?

ThetaHealing works by allowing the deepest causes of your problems and issues to be identified and instantly resolved.  At the deepest level, what makes your life the way it is today, is founded on your subconscious beliefs and feelings.  ThetaHealing is essentially a two step process:
  1. Identify the key beliefs, feelings and traumas that are at the root of you problems and issues.  These may be experiences from this lifetime, including your childhood, your genetic history or previous past lives.  All of these have created subconscious belief systems and feelings that can still affect you today.  ThetaHealing practitioners are able to quickly identify the subconscious belief systems and feelings causing the problem by using special techniques; asking questions and using the intuition.
  2. Remove or resolve the belief systems and feelings that are the root cause of the issue or problem and replace them with empowering and positive beliefs.  By entering a Theta state practitioners are able to connect to the energy of the Creator and request that deeply held subconscious beliefs, feelings, emotions and trauma are instantly removed and resolved.  The unconditional love of the Creator has the power to heal any illness and to resolve any situation.
In many energy healing modalities the healing energy is channelled through the healer to the client.  With ThetaHealing, the healer connects to the Creator and asks the Creator to heal the client directly.  The healer simply allows the energy of the Creator to do the healing and acts as a witness so it can be confirmed at a conscious level.
If a person is not ready, subconsciously, to be completely, instantly healed, ThetaHealing allows for the progressive healing of a person so that the root cause of a problem can be identified and resolved step by step.

Where can it be done?

ThetaHealing does not require and physical contact and as such sessions can be conducted over the phone or through Skype, from the comfort of your own home.  In person sessions are available if requested. 

Why would I need to do it?

At a subconscious level, if someone one is punished as a child for something they said, this could create a subconscious belief system that “I will be hurt if I say the wrong thing” or “I am afraid to express my opinion”.  This could affect the person later on in life by creating a fear of communicating openly or expressing their feelings in certain situations.
At a physical level, a person may have a sore throat or thyroid problem which, at a subconscious level, may be protecting them from harm or punishment.
By addressing the subconscious root causes of a persons current problem or issues, ThetaHealing can help a person resolve both physical and emotional problems caused by previous experiences and subconscious belief systems.